Theme Park Hunts - A Photo Scavenger Hunt Game

Theme Park Hunts are photo scavenger hunts that can be played for fun or played as a game to compete against your family and friends. The goal is to locate the items found within the given photos, take a selfie or group photo with each item you find, and complete your hunt before time expires or before another team finds all of the items. These hunts are loads of fun for all ages and are a great option if you are looking for something else to do while visiting the theme parks.


How it works?

Choose your location & hunt

There are hunts in every park at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort.

Hunts range from 10 to 25 items. They can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes to play and they range from easy to challenging.

Main street hunt

Play on one device or multiple devices

Hunts can be played solo, just for the fun of the hunts, or you can compete against your friends and family by playing on multiple devices at once.

Play with or without a timer, and see a real-time leaderboard to see who is in the lead as you play.

Sunset Blvd Hunt

Find the items in the images provided

Simply find the items in the images and take a photo of yourself or team with each item included in your photo. Found images automatically move to the found tab.

The first team to find all of the images correctly, or the team that finds the most images before your time expires, wins.

Find The Items

Share your results

When you complete a hunt, easily share your results on social media to brag about your win or challenge your friends to beat your time.

Completed Sunset Blvd Hunt
About Us
About Us

This app was created from a desire to find additional fun things to do at Disney and Universal with our family. It started out with just taking photos with our iPhones and iPads and has now grown into this app.

These hunts have been some of the most fun things that we have done together at the parks and we are so happy to be able to share the app with you.

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*Theme Park Hunts is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando, but we think they are pretty awesome. All park names, attractions, lands, landmarks, shows, locations, and any other names used referring to Disney or Universal owned properties and locations, may be registered trademarks of either The Walt Disney Company or NBCUniversal.
All pictures appearing in the App, excluding user-generated images taken during hunts, were taken personally by me and are © 2019 Jamie Mailhot and Destination Hunts LLC.

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